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Thursday, July 5, 2012

dear sentra,

This has been my car for six years. 
This car is practical.
This car is not exactly sexy.
This car had 13 miles on it when I bought it.
This car now has 90,961 miles. 
This car drove me to my college graduation.
This car moved me from Davis to Sacramento.
This car drove me to my first "real" job.
This car is the first that I ever paid for myself.
This car often had to parallel park on the street.
This car has a bent front license plate.
This car suffered a scrape from a hit & run while parked on the street.
This car took me to countless girls' nights.
This car drove my first puppy Howie around town.
This car drove thousands of miles between Sacramento and San Jose for three years.
This car is where I cried on more than one occasion when life got too overwhelming. 
This car is where I met someone who changed my perspective for the better. 
This car moved me back home to Rocklin.
This car brought home my second puppy Olive.
This car moved me to a new life in San Jose.
This car has gotten lost and found again with me as I explored new places.
This car brought home my wedding dress.
This car took me to my bachelorette party.
This car never had my married name on the title.
This car shakes a little on the freeway.
This car needs new tires.
This car needs a 90K mile service.
This car needs to have the transmission fluid flushed to remove rust particles. Again.
This car has been with me through so much over the years, and has been reliable until recently.
This car will not come home with me tonight.
This car will be missed.

written 6/25/12