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Saturday, June 2, 2012

brewery tour

Hello June.

It's been super warm the past couple of days. Yesterday was also the third day of Devin not having a car- so glad that's over. It really wasn't too bad, but it's so much easier being a two-car family.

Luckily we made it home pretty quickly from picking up his car. We had plenty of time to walk across the street to the Gordon Biersch brewery to go on the tour that our apartment manager organized for us.

It was a very informative tour (it even made me miss my food chemistry classes), but sadly our tour guide was hardly able to say two words before these three older ladies on the tour kept interrupting him with questions. Annoying. He was a really good sport about it and did his best to make it fun and keep everyone entertained. We had a couple of beers in the main office while he gave us an overview of the brewing process (they have a fridge full of beer in the office!) and then he tapped a keg after we walked through the factory and we all got a souvenir pint glass. After that he walked us into the cold storage area to show where they keep all of the beer before they ship it out. Everyone on the tour got a six-pack to take home and a tee shirt :o)

It was fun to experience a cool part of our little neighborhood. I was pretty impressed that our apartment managers organized such a cool event for us, and it was so nice of the brewery to give us such generous freebies!

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