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Thursday, May 24, 2012

summer manifesto

I never know what magic I will find when I read Ali Edwards' blog. She is amazing. This morning she wrote about her Summer Manifesto- a list of intentions for what she wants to have happen this summer. I think this resonated with me because lately I've been feeling like I have zero control over certain areas in my life. But I know that the only way to move on is to take specific actions on the things I can control, or at least take steps to bring about change. So, why not jump into summer with a plan for fun, right? I think so.

  • go wine tasting with friends (this is a bit of a cheat- we're going this weekend to kick off summer and celebrate my girls' birthdays!)
  • Hawaii vacation at Aulani!!!
  • have at least 3 picnics
  • go to the beach at least once a month
  • go hiking at least 3 times
  • read by the pool
  • enjoy cocktails in my "margarita bowls" (an awesome gift from my bridal shower last year)
  • perfect the recipe for white sangria
  • make an Instagram photo book from Hawaii pics
  • try at least 3 new food trucks
  • enjoy riesling and watermelon (and enjoy the flood of college memories that go along with it)
  • go to the farmers market once a week
  • fully enjoy our friends' weddings (we have 3 this year!)
  • make popsicles
  • read at least 12 books (this is an improvement on my goal for 25 books in 2012)
  • keep the basil plants alive
  • make a new salad once a week
  • go through an entire bottle of hot pink nail polish
  • go on a "night walk" once a month
  • make our own ice cream
  • American Idiot!