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Monday, April 2, 2012

project life: week three

Week three came together really fast. I used very few embellishments, but I'm really happy with the overall look of the layout. I included a screenshot of the weather for the week which is something I've been doing in my albums for a while. I like the idea of tracking things like this over time.

On the right side I included a photo of the kitchen at the hospital. The diet office is in the middle of the kitchen so this is where I walk through everyday I'm at work. I waited until most of the staff was out on break so I could snap a pic without questioning eyes :o)

The right side of the layout is mostly photos and words, but I did include a little map from my phone from meeting up with my sister to drop off the sewing machine I had borrowed. I also paired a movie stub from date night with a little instagram shot of the popcorn. I've always saved my movie stubs, I have a box of high school stuff full of them. I like giving this stuff a home now in a little pocket.

I love the way this project celebrates the little moments that make up our lives. Very cool.

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